PeopleTech Solutions

PeopleTech Solutions

Learning Impact NG offers a number of technology-driven solutions to support people management for our clients in a unique and impactful way. We believe in the deployment of customized and customizable solutions across all aspects of the employee lifecycle and are pleased to offer some of our customizable off-the shelf products as well as work with you to create bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs.

Our bouquet of existing PeopleTech Solutions includes:

  • eLearning Content Development & Licensing: We can develop customized eLearning content using interactive SCORM based tools, videos, animations, audio or blended content and delivery to fit your needs in a variety of professional and life skills areas. We also can license our exclusive content in a number of areas for your internal (non-commercial) use.
  • eLearning Conversion: We can also convert your existing manuals, presentations and training materials to Interactive SCORM-based eLearning, videos, animations, audios or a combination thereof.
  • LMS Deployment: We can work with you to customize our signature Learning management System - and deploy same exclusively for your organization.
  • Learn On-The-Go: Your employees can take advantage of our rich and ever-expanding self-paced eLearning content available at Group discounts are available for organizations.
  • Leader360: We can work with you to deploy our 360-degree leadership evaluation tool - Leader360 to measure the effectiveness of your managers and leaders and give them developmental feedback. The tool is fully customizable to integrate your organizational design and mapping; leadership competencies and core values.. learn more
  • PTracker: We offer a robust performance dashboard called the PTracker to help your Performance Management Unit track all the strategic goals, workplans and key performance indicators on a dashboard. The PTracker has a number of features to ensure reporting, tracking and controls in managing performance information. With a single click, your Executives can track the current performance of Departments and Units across the organization.. learn more
  • The HRMeter: The HR Meter is a unique platform - the first of its kind in Nigeria to offer organizations in Nigeria and anywhere else in the world the opportunity to capture, analyze and retrieve strategic HR metrics across the entire HR lifecycle, compare to industry averages and benchmark HR performance in a way that connects to organizational priorities and goals.
  • The EpaperVendor: This is Nigeria’s largest provider of the full digital (PDF version of Nigerian Newspapers - boasting clientele from across all leading industries in the private, public and development sectors. Your managers and employees can take advantage of this unique knowledge management solution to read their favourite Nigerian newspapers on the go each day and to access archives for research and other purposes. Visit to get a free trial of this unique service.

We continue to develop new and exciting solutions to support the people management needs of our clients and are available to support you in the automation of any of your strategic HR activities, and to build custom applications for your people management needs.

Our combination of strong human resources management capabilities with our experience as technpreneurs and innovators positions us uniquely in the area of PeopleTech Solutions for organizations like yours.  

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