The PTracker

The PTracker

Many organizations get off to a flying start each year with new strategies, goals and work plans for the year. Unfortunately, a lot of the fire and zeal dies down and sometimes is completely lost a few months into the year where these goals and initiatives are not being tracked and monitored effectively.

In some cases, even where they have a tracking system, it is not effective in ensuring that there is clear accountability for reporting, tracking and reporting. At the end of the year, the vicious cycle of un-met goals, new initiatives and a hope that things will get better the following year continues, while performance suffers.

If you want to stem the tide of this vicious cycle in your organization, then invest in setting up a system for tracking, reporting and monitoring performance. You no doubt need a performance dashboard that can help you achieve these and much more.

Like the saying goes: “what doesn’t get measured, doesn’t get done”, so it is important to create a system that actually measures and tracks performance in your organization in a holistic way.

The PTracker is a fully integrated and customizable performance dashboard app that allows organizations capture all their workplans, goals and performance indicators across all units and departments, assign responsibility officers to each of the goals, set timelines for each goal and rubrics for measuring performance on each goal.

The app allows for different types of users to report on KPIs, manage the backend and also to view reports and updates.

It also captures a variety of KPIs (time, quantity, percentage completed and turn-around time KPIs) as well as the rubrics by which they will be measured and scored.

On a monthly quarterly and annual basis (or anytime you want), the app can provide detailed reports on performance on a dashboard and slice and dice the data in a variety of ways based on your requirements.

It is a fully customizable app that can be upgraded to meet your peculiar needs before implementation for your organization.

The PTracker also has different levels of data integrity validation and protocols to ensure that your performance data is accurate and consistent.

The key features of the PTracker include:

  1. Fully Customizable Interface
  2. Input Module to Capture KPIs
  3. Various KPI Types (Time KPIs, Quantity KPIs, Percentage KPIs, and Turnaround Time KPIs)
  4. Self-Reporting for Every Department/Unit
  5. Validation of Information by the Strategy Office
  6. Various Analysis, Ratings and Scores
  7. Access to Dashboards and Reports

How the PTracker Dashboard works?

The PTracker will be customized based on the specific needs and nuances of your organization.

You will then be able to host it on your server, assign user access to your various users, update your performance information and begin updating, monitoring and reporting through the app.

How to Purchase the PTracker

You can get a FREE demo of the PTracker set up for your organization by contacting our PeopleTech Solutions Team at Learning Impact NG on +234 805 195 3276 or via email at [email protected]. After the demo, we will be able to identify your unique needs and customizations and then deploy specifically for your organization.

You may also complete the form below to make a more specific request or call us on +234 805 195 3276 to speak to our PeopleTech Consultants that can provide more information regarding this.