Case Studies

Case Studies

One of the most effective tools for learning today is the use of case studies (real or fictional). Leading business schools in the world, like Harvard Business School have used the case study methodology in creating some of the best learning experiences in and out of the academic world that money can buy. Many organizations, academia and trainers and consultants rely on these case studies for their learning interventions.

While such case studies have been found to be very useful and impactful, our experience shows that the foreign context of the characters, settings and plots often limits the optimal impact they can have on learners in Nigeria and the African continent.

This is why Learning Impact NG pioneered the development of fictional case studies that can be used to situate typical organizational dilemmas in our rich Nigerian and African context to which our local learners can easily relate. We have published a number of Case studies including “Driving Performance at Vista Bank”, “Lagos we have a Problem”, “A Day in Adesupo’s Bank”, “Winning the Peculiar Way” amongst others and supported organizations and learners with such case studies. You may CLICK HERE to download a free copy of one of our Case Studies.

In addition to our off-the-shelf Case Studies, we have also worked with organizations like Diamond Bank and Consolidated Breweries to develop bespoke Case Studies that reflect their nuances and unique organizational context, so that the dilemmas and content resonate in an even more profound way with learners in their in-house learning programs.

Learning Impact NG is therefore available to help revolutionize your learning design and delivery with our case studies that have a rich African content and context for your Business-related programs and MBAs in Universities and Polytechnics; for your in-house learning academies (corporate universities) or for independent trainers, consultants and facilitators.

If you will like to find out more about our Case Studies Solutions, you may CLICK HERE to download our Case Studies Brochure. You may also complete the form below to make a more specific request or call us on +234 805 195 3276 to speak to our Content Development Specialists that can provide more information regarding this.