Digital Newspaper Archives

Digital Newspaper Archives

Newspapers are a veritable source of news, information, insights and analyses to support product development specialists, marketers, communication specialists, researchers, scholars and other professionals who need the information, insights and analyses from the newspapers to deliver on their work and goals.

To use newspapers in this way, professionals need to create and manage an archive of the newspapers so that they can reference these archives from time to time. Prior to the emergence of digital newspapers pioneered by Learning Impact NG, the only archives available were physical, taking up plenty of physical space and were very difficult to access and manage.

Organizations and professionals who are interested in digital archives can now have access to a digital collection of an array of newspapers from 2015 that is updated each week through a user-friendly cloud-based interface. You can search for and download/view the newspapers that you want in an easy and seamless manner without the hassle and clutter of having a physical archive.

Our Digital Newspaper archives solution is best suited for libraries in research institutions, educational institutions, and for communication, marketing and research departments of organizations across various sectors. Our plans and subscription are affordable and our solution, flexible and convenient.

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