360-degree Reviews

360-degree Reviews


An interesting statistic from the popular TV Game Show - “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” shows that whereas live studio audience members are randomly selected, not based on their knowledge of the subject or their intellectual abilities, they tend to be up to 90% reliable when contestants use the “Ask the Audience” option to get the answer to a question. This statistic proves the concept of the “Wisdom of the Crowd” - that when you want to get valuable insights about any issue you can rely upon the collective insights of a diverse and representative group of people.

It is this same perspective that is behind the 360-degree review solutions that Learning Impact NG offers to its clients in the area of assessing the leadership capabilities, employee engagement and culture alignment of their organizations, and providing insights to support leadership development, employee engagement and culture alignment.

The idea is simple: forward-thinking organizations are interested in evaluating the quality of their leaders; the level of employee engagement; and the extent of culture alignment, so that they can develop and implement interventions to improve these three very important areas that are critical to organizational success. To achieve this, they will need to get feedback from their employees through surveys and use the insights from such surveys to make the necessary improvements.

Learning Impact NG is therefore pleased to offer our rich bouquet of 360-degree reviews that include:  Pulse 360 - our standardized and customizable employee engagement tool that provides insights on the employee/human experience at your organization; the Leader 360 - our leadership evaluation tool that provides 360 feedback to line managers on their leadership capabilities; Values 360 - which provides 360 degree feedback on the level of values-alignment in an organization and Traffic Lights 360: an action-focused 360 degree feedback tool for managers.

We are also available to build bespoke surveys for your organization for example to give you insights and feedback on any of your human resources life-cycle programs - coaching and mentoring, training, performance management, career development, etc. that you will like to measure and improve.

If you will like to find out more about our 360-degree Review solutions, you may CLICK HERE to download our eLearning Brochure. You may also complete the form below to make a more specific request or call us on +234 805 195 3276 to speak to our eLearning Consultants that can provide more information regarding this.