In-House Learning Academies

In-House Learning Academies

Every time the economy slides into a recession or when industries or organizations experience a financial downturn, the first major cost that is cut or totally eliminated is the cost of employee development. Organizations pull back on training programs to reduce their operational expenses with a huge negative impact on organizational learning and innovation.

Forward-thinking organizations however recognize that economic recessions and industry downturns actually create an opportunity to increase employee development and translate the increase in organizational learning to innovations that will save the organization from the recession or downturn. In fact, such organizations see the inherent opportunity that lies in each crisis and understands the critical role that organizational learning plays in driving the innovation required to thrive during a crisis.

So, how can such organizations afford to sustain training programs when faced with dwindling revenues and an economic downturn? Well, they have invested in setting up learning academies and capacitating their internal subject-matter experts with the skills and resources for designing and delivering training programs. Such organizations have built internal learning academies facilitated by a combination of external trainers and internal subject matter experts. This way, in the event that they experience an economic downturn, then learning can continue, facilitated by managers and leaders that have been properly trained and equipped to do so.

Apart from ensuring that learning can be sustained when financial resources are scarce, in-house academies play an even more important role in creating a true learning organization where leaders and managers take responsibility for employee development in a more hands-on way and ensures that organizational context and nuances are reflected in employee training programs.

In house academies ensure that the real-life context is brought into training in a manner that helps participants to drive the changes in their work and lives that are the real fruits of the training. It also helps to improve line manager and leadership accountability because as facilitators, managers and leaders have no choice but to “practice what they preach’

Learning Impact NG and its professionals have supported organizations like PAL Pensions, Unity Bank, Lux Terra Leadership Foundation, PATHS 2, Consolidated Breweries and Diamond Bank to implement various aspects of In-House Academies including:

  • Content Development and Licensing for an In-House Academy
  • Facilitation of Workshops for Subject-Matter Experts
  • Development of Training Manuals
  • Facilitation of Train the Trainer Workshops
  • Facilitating as part of the Faculty for the In-House Academy

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