One of the biggest limitations of the eLearning content that is available to most individuals and organizations in Nigeria and the African continent today is that the content and the context is mainly foreign - from Europe and the Americas.

While the subject matter is valuable, learners are often unable to connect to the content and its foreign context, and some of the important lessons and learning may be lost in the contextual abyss.

Having recognized this gap, Learning Impact NG has built the largest collection of afro-centric eLearning Content with its flagship eLearning platform - The Online Efiko. “Efiko” is a Nigerian slang that means “nerd” or ‘geek” that reflects the authentic African focus of this platform.

The OnLine Efiko is a unique collection of online training content across a variety of professional and life skills including Leadership and Management; Communication Skills; Strategy & Innovation; Business Acumen and Financial Literacy; Productivity & Personal Effectiveness; Human Resources & Learning; and Sales & Service Delivery.

The Online Efiko has helped thousands of learners from various organizations, learn on- the-go, and we believe it can also help you and your colleagues to acquire new skills and improve existing skills all on-the-go with the rich African content and context that will make the learning experience more meaningful and impactful.

If you will like to learn-on-the-go with the OnLine Efiko, please CLICK HERE to visit and dive in to start taking advantage of the various learning contents that are available there