Leadership Books and Resources

Leadership Books and Resources


Everyone says that the children are the future leaders of a society, but how deliberate are we about actually preparing them for the type of leadership that any society needs. If children are to transition to leadership positions based on what they learn from the current generation of adult leaders in Nigeria and most of the African continent, they will unfortunately create a much worse society and future than exists today.

This therefore requires us to be intentional - not only about equipping young people with the skills for effective leadership, but we also need to be deliberate about the content that we provide in this regard. If we do not pay attention to these two issues, we will have future rulers in the mold of their forebears who belong to our generation and unfortunately, the Nigerian and African renaissance that we wish for them will continue to be an elusive dream.

Thankfully, we have taken this deliberate and concreted approach to developing a variety of rich resources that can help shape the hearts and minds of our children and young adults and save our fragile society from further decay. By deploying these resources, we are playing the long game - building a better foundation, planting the seeds and hoping that decades from now it yield fruit, reminiscent of the Nkrumaist Youth Movement of the 1950s and 1960s, and the wonderful fruits it yielded in the hitherto troubled Ghana later in the 1990s and 2000s.

My Big Book of Leadership Stories is our flagship story book targeted at children from about 7-12 years - what we refer to as Tweens, those in between kids and teens. It is built on our proprietary Be Better Model and consists of five stories set in African countries teaching the skills and behaviours for self-awareness; discipline and focus; personal development; building relationships; and managing successes and setbacks.

It is supported by two mentoring materials for parents and teachers called “Conversations with My Child (Parent/Teacher Guide) and Conversations with My Child (Children’s Workbook), so that parents and teachers can have guided “conversations” with their children after reading and reflecting on each story.

Then our Be Better Board Game takes the five areas of the Be Better Model and translates them to an engaging and fun game that families, organizations and groups can enjoy while learning critical skills for leadership.

The 110 Leadership Tips is an amazing illustrated coffee-table book that can be used in classrooms, at family meals, or even corporate events to teach important leadership skills to audiences of all ages.

The skills and behaviours captured in these amazing resources are applicable to everyone in line with our firm belief that leadership should be a pervasive competency and not the exclusive preserve of positional leaders. We also find that while it is important to start sowing the seeds of leadership in children and young adults for the future, the skills and behaviours that the resources offer also help our children and young adults to cope with the demands of their schooling and academic goals - those who are self-aware, focused, manage relationships effectively, invest in developing themselves and can manage successes and setbacks actually tend to do very well too in school, so indeed everything including academic success rises and falls on leadership.

These resources are available to individuals, families, schools and organizations and can serve multiple purposes. For example, they will make great gifts to children on their birthdays or as they celebrate other significant events in their lives; schools can purchase them for their libraries or partner with us to deploy them as part of a Co-Curricular or After School Program or as gifts at their year-end graduation activities; they can also be deployed by Corporate Organizations and Non-Government Organizations seeking to make Corporate Social Investments related to leadership (including the opportunity to co-brand the resources to reflect your corporate identity).

If you will like to place an order for any of these resources as an individual, you can CLICK HERE to make a purchase directly from the Be Better Books website. If you will like to explore any of the opportunities for deploying the resources in your school or as a Corporate Social Investment, or if you want to make further enquiries regarding these resources, please complete the form below. You may also call us on 0805 195 3276 to speak to one of our Life Skills Experts directly.