Financial Literacy Books and Resources

Financial Literacy Books and Resources


The purpose of education is to prepare children for independent lives in future, when they will have jobs, careers, vocations and even become entrepreneurs and positional leaders in various spheres of human endeavour. At each point in the journey of their lives as adults they expect to earn an income and manage it.

However, while schools try their best to prepare children for the various career and professional opportunities that exist, they seldom invest in preparing the children to manage the financial resources (salaries, business income, etc.) that will emanate from their careers and businesses. This gap and missing link in education often leads to many adults to financial impropriety and a less than fulfilled life.

The situation is made worse these days, as children in middle income and affluent families live in rather sheltered lives, where most children only handle currency and make any financial decisions for the first time at about the age of 18 - when they get into tertiary institutions. This is rather late compared to children who grew up in the 1960s up to the 1990s who were using pocket money to purchase snacks and meals at school and had started learning how to save and spend wisely from as early as 6 years.

There is a gap, and it has dire consequences. This is why we intervened to develop and deploy these unique resources in financial literacy for the benefit of children, young adults and even older adults who are struggling with various aspects of managing their personal finances.

Our flagship “My Fun Finance Story Book” consists of stories set in a typical African setting with rich African context and content. It follows the lives of children in an urban Nigerian community as they learn about careers, business, entrepreneurship, insurance, retirement planning, banking, saving, investing, the ethics of financial management and much more. The stories are shared through the lens of these young children to encourage young children to broaden their understanding of financial planning and create a firm foundation for financial literacy.

Then, the “Fun Finance Board Game” takes all the amazing lessons in financial literacy and captures them in a Board game, again with rich African context and content. Unlike other well-known board games that are focused on “deal making” and getting rich, the Fun Finance Board Game focuses on the everyday choices that people need to make regarding managing their finances and very importantly the ethical dimensions of money - giving to charity and avoiding acts of corruption.

The illustrated coffee-table 110 Series are also available in Financial Literacy with two books “110 Tips for the Entrepreneurial Mind” and “110 Money Facts’. The 110 Tips for the Entrepreneurial Mind is a must have for young adults and older professionals who are considering entrepreneurship. It shares ideas on all facets of running an entrepreneurial venture from business planning to customer service, sales and marketing, financial management and strategy.

The 110 Money Facts provide ideas on various aspects of financial planning including planning, budgeting, spending, saving, investing, banking, retirement planning, insurance and the ethics of money.

Both books are excellent conversation starters, mentoring tools and great for classroom sessions and even family discussions. They demystify financial management and transform what some people consider a taboo-topic to something that children, adults and families can enjoy. All our resources in financial literacy also debunk age-old myths about the complexity of money matters, by using simple and easy to understand language to break-down the intricacies of financial management so that ordinary folks without a finance or accounting background can learn and apply them

These resources are available to individuals, families, schools and organizations and can serve multiple purposes. For example, they will make great gifts to children on their birthdays or as they celebrate other significant events in their lives; schools can purchase them for their libraries or partner with us to deploy them as part of a Co-Curricular or After School Program or as gifts at their year-end graduation activities; they can also be deployed by Corporate Organizations and Non-Government Organizations seeking to make Corporate Social Investments related to financial literacy (including the opportunity to co-brand the resources to reflect your corporate identity).

If you will like to place an order for any of these resources as an individual, you can CLICK HERE to make a purchase directly from the Be Better Books website. If you will like to explore any of the opportunities for deploying the resources in your school or as a Corporate Social investment, or if you want to make further enquiries regarding these resources, please complete the form below. You may also call us on 0805 195 3276 to speak to one of our Life Skills Experts directly.