Organizational Development Solutions

Organizational Development Solutions

Organizations need to continue to re-invent themselves and push the frontier of productivity further. This is necessary to take advantage of new and emerging opportunities and to overcome challenges and potential threats.

As organizations develop and implement new strategies in product development, marketing and operations, they MUST also pay attention to improving and transforming their Human Resources Management Systems

Our Organizational Development Solutions at Learning Impact NG are focused on helping organizations evaluate their existing human resources management systems and practices; identify gaps and opportunities for improving the human resources management system; develop options to address these gaps and implement appropriate solutions.

We have supported organizations with developing and implementing Strategic Human Resources Policies, frameworks and tools across various stages of the employee lifecycle; supported the improvement of their performance management systems and other HR systems and programs, and helped build the capacity of the human resources function, leaders and line managers to manage the human resources system, effectively.

Our approach to strengthening human resources management systems is based on the principles of design thinking and creative problem solving - that ensure we focus on root causes, explore as many options as possible and implement in a disciplined manner to create value for our clients. While implementing our solutions we pay attention to building the capacity of the human resources professionals within the organization as well as the organizational leaders and line managers so that they can not only use the solutions we have offered properly, but more importantly, stand on their own in future.

Organizations like First Bank, Sigma Pensions, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, Consolidated Breweries, Union Bank, Oak Pensions amongst others have taken advantage of our Organizational Development Solutions in the past.

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