eLearning Content Development

eLearning Content Development

As more forward-thinking organizations take full advantage of the scalability, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and impact that eLearning offers, there is certainly a need to support such organizations with eLearning Content development that combines the twin capabilities of learning design and use of appropriate eLearning authoring tools to create unique content for such organizations.

This solution from Learning Impact NG is distinct from our eLearning Conversion and eLearning Content Licensing and is a middle-of-the-road kind of solution. The idea here is that the organization does not want an off-the-shelf solution (content licensing) nor do they have in-house content in that particular area (eLearning conversion), so Learning Impact NG can step in and develop the eLearning Content from scratch.

Our approach to eLearning development focuses on two important skills that our years of experience in handling of a variety of similar projects predisposes us with - 1) learning design and development using experiential design methodology that reflects adult learning principles and 2) e-Learning authoring - using a variety of eLearning authoring tools effectively.

Our team of expert learning designers will work with you to ANALYZE the learning needs properly and carry out a proper task analysis to identify the learning objectives that will drive the course. Thereafter, we will DESIGN the lesson plans that will show how the content will flow through various lessons, and then DEVELOP the lessons further with all the supporting materials required. We will also create EVALUATION questions that can be used as pre and post assessments for learners. Finally, our eLearning specialists will translate the course into the appropriate eLearning format using the appropriate eLearning authoring tools.

If you will like to find out more about our eLearning Content Development, you may CLICK HERE to download our eLearning Brochure. You may also complete the form below to make a more specific request or call us on +234 805 195 3276 to speak to our eLearning Consultants that can provide more information regarding this.