Workplace Mentoring and Coaching

Workplace Mentoring and Coaching

In the last half of a century we have seen the language of organizations change from ‘boss” to “supervisor” to “line manager’. Today and in the near future, we are making the transition to the “Coach” as many more organizations recognize the importance of “coaching” and the critical role that leaders play in coaching their team members and colleagues to higher levels of performance.

Many organizations also have found that traditional training that happens in the physical classroom or even online still does not equip employees with the hands-on skills that they need to succeed especially in areas where such skills are scarce or very specific. In addition, continuous investments in external training without a commensurate effort to challenge leaders and managers to transfer those skills to others does not create the learning organization that many thought will result from such huge investments in training.

Rather it creates a culture of training as a perk or entitlement or at best plenty of bragging rights for employees for all the certificates they have garnered to enrich their CVs, and the furtherance of the pervasive illness of “Acute Certificate Syndrome” that is quite pervasive - plenty of certificates but very little capacity to deliver results.

Also, some organizations in very specialized sectors realize that severe gaps exist across generations of professionals and that these gaps create a challenge with transferring specialist skills to younger generations and ensuring proper succession and continuity for the organizations.

Considering all of these and much more, forward-thinking organizations are beginning to invest in implementing formal workplace mentoring and coaching programs to address these challenges and take advantage of the huge opportunities that they offer. Learning Impact supported such organizations like Consolidated Breweries (now Nigerian Breweries), Stanbic IBTC, Sigma Pensions, Unity Bank, Union Bank, Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation, Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria to achieve the following:

  • Developing Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Policies and Programs
  • Implementing Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Programs
  • Training of Workplace Coaches and Mentors
  • Developing and Deploying Mentoring Toolkits
  • Developing appropriate metrics to measure the efficacy and impact of such programs
  • Evaluating of Workplace Coaching and Mentoring Programs

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