Communication Skills Books and Resources

Communication Skills Books and Resources


After many years of offering communication skills workshops to adults in many organizations across various industries in the private, public and not for profit sectors, it became clear that this remedial education in public speaking and presentation skills, collaboration and critical thinking; and writing skills for professionals and managers could have been avoided or at worst minimized if they received a better foundation in communication skills from as early as primary school.

This realization birthed our Communication Skills Books and resources - The Word Whiz Board Game and 110 Tips to Present Like a Star. We believe that if deployed properly, these resources will equip our children and young adults with the skills and firm foundation to communicate effectively while in school and to become more effective communicators later in life.

Communication skills are certainly one of the most sought-after skills for career and professional success and our resources ensure that children and young adults get an early start in building these skills so that they can excel in school and carry on with these skills and successes later in life.

The Word Whiz Board Game offers a unique learning opportunity not only to children and young adults, but to people of all ages. It is a board game that can be played by everyone in both family and work settings and focuses on building skills in a variety of areas including but not limited to critical thinking; analysis and interpretation of communication; writing, public speaking and presentation skills. The game can be played at home during weekends and holidays; can be used in schools for co-curricular and after-school activities or even integrated into classroom lessons; and can even be used in offices to teach and learn communication skills.

The 110 Tips to Present Like a Star is an illustrated coffee-table book that provides 110 tips to improve presentation and public speaking abilities. The tips cover everything from the basic principles of effective communication and presentations to the skills for designing, developing and delivering highly impactful presentations. Each tip can be expanded into a practical lesson for children/adults or used as a conversation starter in family, school or at work as readers learn, teach and share with each other.

These resources are available to individuals, families, schools and organizations and can serve multiple purposes. For example, they will make great gifts to children on their birthdays or as they celebrate other significant events in their lives; schools can purchase them for their libraries or partner with us to deploy them as part of a Co-Curricular or After School Program or as gifts at their year-end graduation activities; they can also be deployed by Corporate Organizations and Non-Government Organizations seeking to make Corporate Social Investments related to communication skills (including the opportunity to co-brand the resources to reflect your corporate identity)

If you will like to place an order for any of these resources as an individual, you can CLICK HERE to make a purchase directly from the Be Better Books website. If you will like to explore any of the opportunities for deploying the resources in your school or as a Corporate Social investment, or if you want to make further enquiries regarding these resources, please complete the form below. You may also call us on 0805 195 3276 to speak to one of our Life Skills Experts directly.