Strategy Retreats

Strategy Retreats

Strategy is everything - it is the unique set of activities that requires tough choices and trade-offs; aligns the organization and directs its resources towards its long-term goals and objectives. With the right strategy, organizations can go beyond “business-as-usual’, push the productivity frontier further, and achieve much more results and growth with much less resources and input.

If done properly, strategy can be transformative. However, our experience shows that many organizations do not get the best of their strategy development process and at the end, have to “manage” an organizational strategy that was doomed from as early as the planning stage.

At Learning Impact NG, we recognize some of the classic mistakes that organizations make with regards to strategy development and implementation (CLICK HERE to ACCESS OUR TECHNICAL PAPER FREE) and have built a unique process for strategy development and implementation called the Strategy-Execution-Change (SEC) Model which we use with all our strategy retreats.

Our unique approach starts with a through organizational diagnostic that is bottom-up and includes inputs from employees across all levels, customers, regulators, vendors, board members and other important stakeholders. The insights and perspectives from these stakeholders then form the basis for the strategic retreat where a handful of senior leaders will craft a Strategy for the organization that reflects the aspirations of stakeholders. Strategy facilitation for us involves the use of the Creative Problem-Solving Framework and its various tools of divergence and convergence to ensure that the outcome of the strategy development is truly innovative.

Then, we support organizations with the tools and resources to successfully translate their strategic initiatives to sustainable results by focusing on disciplined execution and change management.

Organizations like Earth Point Modern Shelter; Corporate Affiars Commission, Sigma Pensions, Beroni Energy; Oak Pensions, Veritas Pensions; PAL Pensions; Federal Inland Revenue Service, Modern Shelter, etc. have all taken advantage of our unique approach to strategy development and implementation.

If you will like to find out more about our Strategy Retreats solutions, you may CLICK HERE to download our Strategy Retreats Brochure. You may also complete the form below to make a more specific request or call us on +234 805 195 3276 to speak to our Strategy Consulting Specialists that can provide more information regarding this.