How to Give Effective Feedback

How to Give Effective Feedback

Performance feedback is one tool of performance management that can make all the difference in your performance management system and culture if you deploy it properly.

Even if you didn’t carry your people along properly at the point of strategy development; create the right KPIs; or set-up performance dashboards, effective performance feedback can always be used to re-direct performance along the path and in the direction that you want.

Unfortunately, most leaders and managers (I inclusive) struggle to be able to give feedback that inspires, challenges and motivates their team members on a consistent basis. We are under so much pressure that we just tend to “shout, scream and tear our hair out” when faced with bouts of underperformance from our teams that causes more harm than good.

Well, that’s why are here: to remind each other of the time-tested principles of effective feedback and frameworks like B.O.O.S.T that we can use to boost the performance of our teams.

If you are interested in improving the quality of performance feedback that you give and give your team a BOOST, then please CLICK HERE to listen to our latest podcast episode “How To Give Effective Feedback”.

I trust that you will find it useful and that you will invite and encourage others to do the same.

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