Chinedu is no longer just a “Form-Picker”

Chinedu is no longer just a “Form-Picker”

Chinedu is the Head of Relationship Management at Marula Pensions and his greatest challenge has been in getting his team members to engage clients better regarding the Multi-Fund Structure and also to find new clients especially in the informal sector. He knows that the key to overcoming these challenges lies in building their capacity in Financial Planning and Investing - taking them from being just “form-pickers” to “investment sales professionals”

He does his research, but most of what he sees are overseas training firms that are too expensive and also do not have the context of the Nigerian financial markets and our realities. Almost giving up on the prospects of finding a solution altogether, he makes one last effort, and thankfully it was worth it.

He has quickly set up a series of workshops all year round and cannot wait to start once work resumes in 2020. Thankfully, we can share what Chinedu found with you. Click HERE to download

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