Industry Briefs

Industry Briefs

Information is power, and when valuable information, news, insights and analyses are curated properly in a focused, user-friendly and engaging manner, individuals and organizations can unlock the immense power of such information and make appropriate decisions.

This is exactly what Learning Impact NG is offering to individuals and organizations who are interested in industry-specific content from the newspapers curated each day for various industries/ sectors - Energy; Banking & Capital Markets; Pensions & Insurance; Transport & Aviation; Construction & Real Estate amongst others.

The Industry Briefs capture the most important news, analysis, information and insights regarding a specific sector each day in a user-friendly and engaging format. Subscribers can therefore gain access to the important information that is related to a specific industry, saving time and energy in going through the newspapers themselves, and curating the important information they want.

The Industry briefs will no doubt support research and analysis for professionals in research departments, product development, business development, policy makers, investors and for regulators who want to keep an eye on specific industries/sectors within Nigeria.

If you will like to find out more about our Industry Briefs, you may CLICK HERE to download our Industry Briefs Brochure. You may also CLICK HERE to enjoy a free one-week trial of any of the industry briefs or complete the form below to make a more specific request. You may also call us on +234 901 886 3757 to speak to our Digital Marketing Representatives that can provide more information regarding this.