Who Pays Your Salaries?

Who Pays Your Salaries?

If our employees really know who pays their salaries, they will pay the right attention to ensuring excellent service delivery and sustaining a culture of service excellence. Often, they even prioritize their managers and executives over customers. 

Unfortunately, most leaders, managers and professionals also pay lip service to this issue, by not putting in place the appropriate systems and tools and having the unrelenting focus to honour those who pay our salaries – our customers.

In today’s podcast episode on “Who Pays Your Salaries”, I explore the issue of service delivery and the commitment that organizations need to make to ensuring that customers receive what they truly deserve – exceptional service.

I believe that in a country where service delivery is at an all-time low, organizations who focus on it can create a “blue-ocean” that will transform their fortunes.

Please click here to listen, learn, and enjoy the episode and invite others to do the same.

I trust that you will find it useful and that you will invite and encourage others to do the same.

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