Getting it Right the First Time

Getting it Right the First Time

Leadership Skills for First time Managers

There is nothing more devastating than falling short on your first managerial or supervisory role – it makes you almost feel like you were not cut-out to be a leader. Nonsense!

Organizations typically promote the most experienced team players to positions of team leaders many times without preparing them properly for the challenges ahead. Many first time managers struggle with balancing their inclination to dwell on the technical skills that brought them to that position and the need to soar above that to take on more “leadership” responsibilities. They are sometimes unable to grapple with the complexities of their new roles and then fall short in terms of driving performance and results and adding value to strategic thinking and decision making. Some first-time managers do not have the right amount of emotional intelligence and maturity to be for example boss and friend, they tend to take the “boss” profile, and end up alienating themselves from the people that they lead – who were hitherto their colleagues.

In addition to the personal dissatisfaction that such under-performing first time managers face, their lack of preparedness for leadership has an equally damaging effect on the people that they lead, the culture of the organization and the productivity and results that the organization can achieve.

Forward thinking organizations are therefore deliberate about creating learning opportunities targeted at first time managers ahead of their promotions and just-in-time as they are promoted and begin to settle into new roles.

At Learning Impact, our First Time Managers Workshop is designed to help first time managers navigate the murky waters of their new lives through our customized case studies, scenarios, tools and practices in these areas:

  • Leading Self – Emotional Intelligence, Self-Mastery and Personal Effectiveness
  • Leading People – Interpersonal Skills Communication Skills and Performance Management
  • Leading Results – Project Management , Innovation and Disciplined Execution

We are available to support you in designing and implementing bespoke learning interventions targeted at first time leaders that reflect your organizational context and nuances. We also offer learning resources – Audio Books, Case Studies and Interactive ELearning Workshops in the area of Leadership for First Time Managers at


Our team of specialist learning designers is available via email at:, or via telephone on +234 805 195 3276.

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