Why Learning Impact

Why Learning Impact
There are many corporate training providers that you can choose from, but Learning Impact stands out quite boldly for the following reasons:

  1. Design and Delivery Methodology: The delivery of our learning solutions are based on an experiential and discovery based approach that translates a theoretical and technical subject areas into a fun and creative learning experience. Our proprietary Learning Impact Model ensures that we engage participants with pre and post training activities and high quality content that delivers the right impact and a positive ROI.
  2. Experience and Track Record:  Our faculty consists of very experienced learning designers and facilitators that use the very best of experiential design and delivery to create the highest impact for participants. We have also established ourselves as a household name in corporate training design and delivery in our target markets
  3. Post Training Activities: We offer unique post training activities to our participants above and beyond our competitors ensuring that the learning continues even after the classroom and that classroom learning can actually translate to change.
  4. Service: We have implemented a very aggressive service excellence programme which deploys a number of powerful tools to keep us in the hearts and minds of our clients. Our commitment to service also means that we offer a number of value-added resources and engagements free to our clients, all in our bid to meet and surpass their service expectations.
  5.  Research and Publications: Our commitment to continuous research in workplace learning and people development with our annual State of the People Report provides us valuable insights into the real life challenges that organizations and their people face that supports the roll-out of products and services that meet these needs. We also publish a variety of case studies and learning aids to support our training solutions that are rich in local content and context, and with over 30 digital resources on our stable as at the end of 2013, we are able to provide knowledge and education in various forms (audio, video and books) to support our Training and Consulting solutions