Work Smart not Hard

Work Smart not Hard

Managing Time and Priorities

Hard work never kills anybody, and it doesn’t guarantee success either. So there are countless people out there really working hard, consumed by the drudgery of work and life and are still not achieving their goals for work and life. Obviously, while hard work is useful, successful professionals know better and focus more on working smart.

Working smart is about having clear priorities and goals, developing action plans to achieve those goals, working through each day with a defined set of activities that take you closer to your goals, managing time and priorities and ensuring that you live a healthy and well balanced life.

At Learning Impact we believe that professionals in this knowledge age should be equipped with the skills required to be more effective at their work, and our Enhancing Personal Productivity Workshop that is a sequel to the Personal Effectiveness and Accountability Workshop is designed to equip workplace professionals with case studies, techniques, tools and practices to enhance their productivity in these areas:

  • Focus: The Law of 5s
  • Time Management : Writing to-do Lists
  • Managing Priorities: The Prioritization Matrix
  • Managing Meetings
  • Manage your Energy not just Time
  • Managing Stress
  • Work-Life Balance

We are available to support you in designing and implementing bespoke learning interventions targeted at driving productivity in your organization that reflects your organizational context and nuances. We also offer learning resources – Audio Books, Case Studies and Interactive ELearning Workshops in the area of personal productivity at

Our team of specialist learning designers is available via email at:, or via telephone on +234 805 195 3276.

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