Leading from the Middle

Leading from the Middle

Effective Leadership for Middle Managers

There are some classic myths associated with leadership; foremost amongst them is the misnomer that you can only lead when you get to the top. In typical parlance, we say things like “wait till it is your turn”. This attitude and wrong notion about leadership is based on the very narrow perspective that most uninformed people have about leadership. They think that leadership is about power, position or privilege and believe therefore that without these ingredients you are unable to exercise leadership.

For leaders in the middle of the organization who have the difficult responsibility of leading teams in spite of the limited power that they have, or those responsible for driving results but seem to lack in position and title this notion about leadership makes it even more difficult for them to be effective. Middle managers in these doldrums of ineffectiveness are often caught making statements like – “this will never work in our company”, or “my manager will not agree to such changes”, “when I become a Senior Manager I will sponsor these changes” or “I do not think management will agree”.

Those that truly understand leadership and the role of leaders appreciate firstly that leadership is influence – your ability to win the hearts and minds of people to achieve results, and that secondly, leadership is a pervasive competency – not one that is the exclusive preserve of the most senior people in an organization, but a competency that should be aspired to by everyone in the organization. Middle managers who embrace this philosophy avoid the traps of being caught in the middle and can lead effectively – influencing their bosses, subordinates, and peers – being 360 degree leaders.

At Learning Impact, our Middle Managers Workshop is designed to support middle managers in overcoming the handicaps that middle management roles throw at them through our customized case studies, scenarios, tools and practices in these areas:

  • The 5 Levels of Leadership
  • Influence and Negotiation Skills
  • Managing up and Across
  • Building Effective Workplace Relationships
  • Managing Organizational Politics
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Managing Employees Performance


We are available to support you in designing and implementing bespoke learning interventions targeted at middle managers that reflect your organizational context and nuances. We also offer learning resources – Audio Books, Case Studies and Interactive ELearning Workshops in the area of Leadership for Middle Managers at www.bebetterbooks.biz.

Our team of specialist learning designers is available via email at: info@learningimpactmodel.com, or via telephone on +234 805 195 3276.

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