How to Influence People

I get asked this question quite often, especially by first-time leaders or people who are in a new position of leadership (new company, new team): How do I get my people to follow me? Often this question arises after a few weeks or months of your leadership, and you are not getting the type of commitment or results that you want. It's a great question and if you have similar concerns, here are four actions you should focus on to help you build your influence with people:

1) Build your Personal Integrity: If you want people to follow you, then show them you are someone worth following. Show them your character and integrity and lead by principles and example. They will test your character and integrity, and when they do, do not be found wanting.

2) Build Relationships: Invest time and resources in building trusting relationships. Start with simple down to earth conversations and then move on to being kind and charitable - people respond well to this.

3) Build Results: The more results focused to you are, the more likely that serious minded people will be influenced by you. Show them your personal commitment to hard work, and create some personal results yourself. Prove your mettle by getting your hands dirty.

4) Build them: Invest time and resources in being a coaching, teaching and mentoring leader. Show people your honest commitment to making them better. They will respond with their hearts and their hands.