Develop your Employees

One of the defining stories of my professional life was how in 2006 I missed out on what I thought was a well deserved promotion because my bosses felt I had not "reproduced" myself in the other members of my team. Their feedback was simple and profound: You cannot be great if the people around you are not great. Many weekends thereafter I became engrossed in teaching, training, coaching and mentoring, and like they say - the rest is history. Do not be like me and wait till the lack of employee development stalls your next career move. Do something by:

1) Continuously developing yourself -  My favourite Latin expression - "Nemo dat quod non habet" - you cannot give what you do not have. If you are excited about what you learn, you will be excited about sharing it with others.

2) Formalizing Learning Sessions: Set out a day each week or fortnightly for employee development. Create relevant topics ahead of time, and commit to these sessions with your team.  

3) Creating a culture of learning: Make learning part of your team DNA by including learning related targets in staff KPIs, challenging others to share new learning, and by recognizing and rewarding learning and its application to creativity and innovation.

Sometimes as we advance in our careers, we tend to get complacent - resting on our past achievements and not focusing on getting better. Keep setting new goals and keep pushing yo