PCD Leaders Set to Present like STARS

PCD Leaders Set to Present like STARS

One of the biggest problems that the leaders at PCD Plc - a Lagos based conglomerate have been facing is their ability to engage with their multiple stakeholders and communicate powerfully. Their presentation skills need oxygen, and Dafe, the Company’s Head of Human Resources just got a life-line in this regard from a video link that a friend shared on WhatsApp.

He enjoyed the entire series on Designing and Delivering Presentations and shared the YouTube page with his Chief Executive and some of the Executive Directors, who found even the 2-minute videos very valuable. Dafe has gotten approval to run the workshop on Presentation Skills and is now considering even more programs in the area of communication for the leaders at PCD Plc

Click HERE to download the information on Communication Skills that got the attention of the Executives at PCD Plc.

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